KC METRO Garage door Repair



When your garage door spring breaks with your car in the garage, you will not be able to get out. You should also be aware that a failing or broken spring can lead to more serious safety problems and with your door system as well. It is time to call us when you suspect that your garage door spring has failed or broken for an immediate replacement. We know how to handle and work with both tension or torsion springs safely. We can also look at signs that will indicate whether your garage door springs are due for replacement at any time or if they indicate being near their useful life. We normally recommend replacing the left and right springs at the same time; a failure in one almost always immediately 

leads to a failure in the other. By anticipating the imminent problem before it actually happens, you will be able to avert catastrophic failure in your door system along with its resulting serious problems.Call us for expert workmanship on your garage door spring replacement and other problems. We are Kansas City’s garage door experts.